Obstacles in the way of quality and productivity?

We are passionate about helping clients identify and streamline the operational areas that are holding them back from reaching their full potential, from growing their business. And while these streamlining activities can at times feel boring, they are almost always impactful to your bottom line and can significantly improve productivity. The Bold Steps team knows there is “glory in the boring”—and we have the tools and experience to help you run more efficiently.

We start with the Bold Steps Maturity Assessment - a free, online tool we offer to our clients so they can evaluate their strengths, challenges, and ultimately their streamlining opportunities. We then meet, review the assessment results, discuss target opportunities and systems, build a team, document current and desired states, and collectively deliver the results in a systematic fashion.

The overall engagement flow typically looks like this (click to enlarge).

Opertational Streamlining

The Operational Streamlining methodology is not specific to a given industry,
in fact, we have used this top down approach in a number of places successfully.

Law Firm
We worked with law firms with needs ranging from streamlining their practice management systems to automating their patent search processes to reengineering their web presence. In every case we assessed, documented, brainstormed, planned, executed, and delivered an organized success.

Construction Companies
We also recently worked with one of the largest roofing companies in DuPage County to assist in an evaluation of their software environment, covering both sales and operations. The current solution was not strong, but the effort to replace it appeared complex and perhaps disruptive to operations during the transition. This project was therefore focused on a phased approach starting with a comprehensive evaluation of the leading software providers in this space, a recommendation on which vendor to go with, and then a careful delivery of the winning solution (this phase is up next).

We partnered with a well-known and highly regarded park district to assess their current technology environment to ensure the support and price were optimal. The end product was a Request For Proposal (RFP) inviting other managed service providers to present their service and solutions. The success criteria here, as with other clients, was an organized approach that included collaborating with the client, assessing the current environment, researching alternatives, and producing an on time, within budget deliverable. The deliverable here was a comprehensive RFP used in a presentation for the respective Board.

It’s about developing a strategy with a clear vision and a plan to execute it.
We’re ready!

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